This is the perfect pick-me-up if you are stuck at home and needing some motivation to keep learning and look forward to the 2021 season. 
Grab a glass of wine, get comfy on the sofa and get ready for a kick up the bum from the world class coach, Caroline Moore🍷🛋 
Caroline and I are delighted to bring you the Lockdown Zoom Eventing Club, hopefully, the final installment of our hugely popular and successful Covid-19 zoom masterclasses. 
This is the PERFECT opportunity to make 2021 YOUR year and to ensure you utilise this lockdown period to your advantage. It is not every year we get the chance to have time for structured learning and get polished up.
The Lockdown Zoom Eventing Club will cover the following topics: Training exercises to develop obedience and suppleness; Fitness programmes to suit different levels and requirements; Season planning and safely moving up the levels; Keeping a horse fit and motivated throughout the season; Course walking and stud use and much more.
Each evening will involve an interactive Q&A which we love riders to get involved in.
Furthermore, for this series we will be joined by some fantastic guest speaking including Nikki Herbert, Pau 5* dressage judge, for 'an evening with the coach and judge' where Caroline and Nikki will discuss their roles, similarities and differences; Barbara Boross, Vetinary Physiotherapist, to discuss soundness, trot ups and the importance of stretches; Nutritonal advice from leading feed company and others.
Sessions will run on Saturday 23rd & Friday 29th Jan, Friday 5th, Friday 12th and Friday 19th Feb at 6:30PM (UK). 
Each session will be approx 1.5hrs and recordings will be sent out to all ticketholders to watch at your leisure or refer back to. We also had several viewers join us last time from around the globe, so this is not restriced to UK riders only.
We feel at £40 for all 5 evenings this series is packed full of value!
🔎How it works? This will run on the ‘ZOOM’ app. Simply download the app from the AppStore. Once you have purchased your ticket, Callum will then send you an invite to the group chat via email. Log onto the app at 6:30pm each evening and let the fun begin. Grab a notepad📝 or just absorb everything, along with a glass your favourite 🥃 
We hope you enjoy this masterclass and look forward to seeing you there!
If you have any questions, please contact Callum:
📩 @BanfieldEquestrian 
📲 07834599171 
📬 callum@banfieldequestrian.com